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Paint stripping in Debrecen

Available technologies

Pyrolytic oven

Blasting cabinet

Sand blasting

Chemical paint stripping

Dryer cabinet


High power washers


Pirolitikus technológia

About the technology

Pyrolytic technology

At our Debrecen site, the cleaning of metal parts is carried out in a domestically manufactured, TKA 16.35 pyrolysis furnace. The technology based on heat treatment, results in a clean metal surface in an environmentally friendly way.

The workpieces are cleaned in the sealed space of the gas-fuelled pyrolysis furnace, in a low-oxygen environment. The parts to be cleaned are placed on the loading table located on the roller conveyor in front of the furnace door. After the table is pushed inside the furnace and the operating space is hermetically sealed, the interior space is slowly heated up by the hot air of the gas burner to 450 °C. At this temperature, organic substances decompose and their degradation products are transferred to another section of the furnace: the post-combustion chamber, that is constantly maintained at a 750 °C temperature; here, the organic substances are fully and completely incinerated. After cooling down, the workpieces can be removed from the table and a new cycle can be initiated. The removed parts might undergo post-treatment afterwards, depending on the customer’s needs.

Typical workpieces

Metal grating, heavily painted conveyor hooks, larger sized workpieces


1. oven
Length : 3 500 mm
Width : 1 600 mm
Height : 2 000 mm

2. oven
Length : 6 000 mm
Width : 1 500 mm
Height : 2 300 mm


380 °C – 450 °C

Blasting cabinet

It is mainly used to treat steel-carbon parts, where the surface is bombarded with high velocity steel particles. The abrasive effect results in a clean and “rugged” surface that provides excellent adhesivity for painting.

Typical utilizing: removing old paint, rust and as a pre-paint treatment.

Typical workpieces

Steel car wheels, jigs, decoration, paint defective end-products.

Maximum size

Small cabinet: Max. 950*850*800 mm, max. 50 kg
Big cabinet: max. 6000*2500*2300mm, max. 1.5t


Very similar to steel blasting but the medium is granite sand. The abrasive effect results in a clean and “rugged” surface that provides excellent adhesivity for painting.

Typical utilizing: removing old paint, rust and as a pre-paint treatment, aging wooden pieces.

Typical workpieces

Large parts, steel rims, jigs, fence segments

Chemical paint stripping

Decoating powder-coated parts and tools. Effective and sensitive way of treatment.

Typical utilizing: plastic, aluminium, steel-carbon, silicone, teflon parts and tools.

Typical workpieces

Alloy wheels, painting tools, molds, paint-defective parts or anything that too sensitive to thermal or blast cleaning.

Drying cabinet

As an aftertreatment with heated air-flow, parts can be dried quickly and efficiently.

Typical utilizing: supplement to any treatment that has washing and rust or water presence is not tolerated.


Painingtline jigs may deform during shipping or in use, a problem we offer solutions according request.

Typical utilizing : evening, welding steel-carbon jigs, parts.

Typical workpieces

Painting line jigs, nest

Badge tub

For removing stubborn residue, that appear after a long time of use.

Cleaning appliances

As an aftertreatment, high-pressure washers are available. With 180-250 bar pressure the razor or rotating heads effectively remove ash or other residues.

Typical utilizing: carbon-steel, iron, aluminium, plastic, teflon…etc.



Plant manager, Debrecen

Cegléd site

At our Cegléd site you can choose from the following technologies:

Fluidised bed

Blasting cabinet

High power washers

Chemical paint stripping