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Paint stripping in Cegléd

Available technologies

Fluidised bed

Blasting cabinet

High power washers

Chemical paint stripping

About the technology

Fluidised bed

At our Cegléd site, we perform the cleaning and treatment of metal surfaces which take place in the gas-fuelled fluidised bed system designed for this purpose. The specific piece of equipment being used is a Keppel SEGHERS fluid clean fluidised bed paint stripper.

The metal parts containing organic materials are placed in a steel mesh basket, which is then submerged in a fluidised sand bed, in the operating space. Then this space is closed and heated with gas burners. The thermal decomposition of organic materials takes place when they make physical contact with the hot sand that has a temperature of approximately 450 °C. Through the process, the organic substances turn into gas and are partially incinerated. Then, the gases are transferred from the operating space to the post-combustion chamber – that has a constant temperature of 750 °C – where the full and complete incineration of the organic materials takes place. The exhaust gases are discharged after being cooled down and the ceramic filter dust removal process.

At the end of the cycle, the parts in the removed basket are clean and after cooling down, ready to be used again. The heat-treated parts can then be post-treated depending on the customer’s needs.

Fluidágyas kemence Cegléden

Blasting cabinet

It is mainly used to treat steel-carbon parts, where the surface is bombarded with high velocity steel particles. The abrasive effect results in a clean and “rugged” surface that provides excellent adhesivity for painting.

Typical utilizing: removing old paint, rust and as a pre-paint treatment.

Cleaning appliances

As an aftertreatment, high-pressure washers are available. With 180-250 bar pressure the razor or rotating heads effectively remove ash or other residues.

Chemical paint stripping

Decoating powder-coated parts and tools. Effective and sensitive way of treatment.

Typical utilizing: plastic, aluminium, steel-carbon, silicone, teflon parts and tools.



Plant manager, Cegléd

Debrecen site

At our Debrecen site you can choose from the following technologies:

Pyrolytic oven

Blasting cabinet

Sand blasting

Chemical paint stripping

Dryer cabinet


High power washers